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    Nanocapsules can make drugs more skin-tolerable

    The treatment of inflammatory-based scalp diseases is known to cause systemic as well as local adverse effects when applied topically. Therefore, the project aimed at developing a drug that accumulates selectively in the hair follicle and that releases only limited quantities of the drug to the skin.

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  • Histologische Aufnahme eines Hirngewebes mit Stichkanal einer Nadel © MRC Systems GmbH / Marcus Götz

    Reliable and accurate sampling of brain tissues

    The treatment of brain tumors requires the extraction of tissue samples from the brain. The German-Russian research project examines how the risk of cerebral hemorrhage as a consequence of penetration by the biopsy needle can be reduced through the use of glass fibers, fluorescent dyes and imaging methods.

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  • Besuch zum Tischler-Training in Deutschland

    Technology transfer for earthquake-proof architecture in Ecuador

    The earthquake in Ecuador in April 2016 with about 30,000 destroyed apartments showed the need for earthquake-resistant construction. The ATT project sets out with its measures this need and is a step towards a sustainable, energy-efficient and earthquake-proof architecture in Ecuador.

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  • Natürlich vorkommende Bakterien an Petersilie. © A. Scherwinski

    Microorganisms on herbs, sprouts and seeds

    The German public were shocked by the outbreak of EHEC in 2011. At that time, Fenugreek seed, which was imported from Egypt, was identified as the source of infection. In this research project, scientists from Germany and Egypt investigated the occurrence of potentially pathogenic organisms on seeds, sprouts and herbs and which measures could be used for an effective suppression.

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Gewinner des Green Talents 2016 Awards. © DLR Projektträger/ Hans-Christian Plambeck

© DLR Project Management Agency/ Hans-Christian Plambeck

Submission period for Green Talents Award now open

Sustainable development means finding a balance between the need for socio-economic development, the protection of the environment, and the preservation of our earth for present and future generations. These topics of global political relevance demand international research cooperation. The 2017 Green Talents competition will address these topics with a special focus on the theme of “Sustainable Production and Consumption”.

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Cover of the Strategy for the Internationalization of Science and Research


Cabinet passes Strategy for the Internationalization of Science and Research

The Cabinet has today approved the federal strategy on the future international orientation of the German education, science and innovation system. The strategy, developed under the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, addresses digitalisation, increased global competition for knowledge and markets, environmental change as well as causes and effects of migration and flight and suggests possible courses of action.

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Mechanic who repairs a car

© Dmitry Kalinovsky / iStock / thinkstock

Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training

Since January 2017 the new working group 'Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training' has been supporting the Federal Ministry of Ecudacion and Research (BMBF) with its activities in international VET cooperation.

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